Let Me Get To Know Your Brand

This series of questions are the very important first steps towards me creating the perfect brand for your project. This will allow me to put together a brief to work from with all of the necessary information to build something great so please do try to answer every question. It's your chance to tell me everything I need to know. Let's get started.

Lets talk branding. what do you want?
There are a lot of areas that can be developed within a brand. Please tick the services you'd like me to include in a cost and time estimation. I understand you might want to develop the brand further in time but for now, just check what you'd like me to work on immediately.
If so please paste links to images/work below if you have attachments please send them over after the completion of this form to hello@vicbell.co.uk
are there any symbols, icons or images you have in mind that you would like me to develop in the concept stage? Don't be shy, this stuff can inspire more than you would think.